Signature Makeover

Signature is your unique identity. It is your public image.

The way you make your signature, i.e., small or large, curved or angled, legible or illegible, the pressure of the signature, slant, the connection between letters or words, the underline below, or crossing the signature, or underscore, etc., gives a great insight into your innermost thoughts.

Every signature has the power of attracting a lot many things in your life. Depending upon how you make your signature, you can attract positivity or negativity in your life. It has a deep-rooted impact on your life.

At the time of creating a Signature Style: Most of us didn’t put much thought into what our signature style says about our personality. Mostly, we selected our signature style self without knowing the pros and cons of it and have not taken professional guidance so far.

Further, signatures usually develop early in life, and signatures, once settled, do not always change. Thus signatures can retain infantile feelings which do not align with the personality of a mature adult. All this you even don’t realize and that you might be portraying a false image to the world, i.e., a gap between how others see you and what you are.

Signature Makeover

The process of the signature makeover starts within 7 days after one has got their script and signature analyzed through IIHA’s Signature Analysis service.

We, IIHA, have the expertise on the subject. Our approach is not just about analyzing signature and asking a person to practice certain formations in the name of Graphotherapy.

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