“The strokes in your handwriting and your signature style are more revealing than you think. Act now, uncover their secrets, and fast-track your journey to success.”


IIHA Co-founder, Grapho-Cybernetics Expert, Behavioural Life Coach (USA)




Concentration Report

Concentration Report

IIHA’s Concentration Report is designed to identify the root causes behind your child’s concentration problems and how they can improve in this area by providing personalized recommendations.

Act now to gain the knowledge you need to make a difference!

Concentration Test

Concentration Test

The IIHA Concentration Test is a Scientifically-backed assessment designed to evaluate your child’s focus. If our test results align with your observations and show no concentration problems, we promise a 100% money-back guarantee.

Don’t let unidentified concentration issues or confusion hinder your child’s academic success.

Secure your peace of mind and schedule the Concentration Test now – with zero risk. It’s more than a test; it’s a step towards your child’s brighter tomorrow.

True Academic Foundation Test


The Institute was founded in 2008 with the primary aim of creating awareness, to promote and teach students to write legibly with the correct formation of shapes and strokes.

We are one of the top and leading Handwriting Institutes, specialising in handwriting and promoting scientific handwriting techniques.

Since its start, the IIHA’s brain writing program has transformed the personalities of hundreds of kids, and a number of teachers have also observed notable improvements among students. This program has helped them to get desired growth in their academic performance, focusing on career and profession by improving their personality and attracting new opportunities.

5,000 Stories of Transformation

I joined IIHA’s Brain Writing Program when I was pursuing my second year Bachelor of Engineering in civil engineering. It was true to myself and my nature, behavior, personality & values that – were explored by analysis of my handwriting. After doing the Brain Writing program, changes in my letter formation are working well. I have gained confidence and developed positive thinking in my personality. I recommend all, especially students, to at least analyze their handwriting for the interesting revelations.

Yesha Patel

Civil Engineer

I started my journey with ‘IIHA’ through signature analysis service. Getting my signature analyzed, I came to know my strengths and weaknesses, especially the public image. The analysis was very accurate and effective, to the point. In the beginning, I had doubts about the effectiveness of the signature makeover. However, after regular practice of different strokes under the guidance of Sunil sir, I have felt many changes in my personality that helped me presenting my image in public in a better way, and improving my family bonding. I am very grateful to Sunil Sir for helping me out to convert my weakness into strength.

Hari Om Rathour

B.Tech & MBA, Working in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

First and foremost, would like to pass on big thanks on the assessment done by Sunil L G.

No feedback but happy to find all the discoveries which were mentioned before applying for this service. Best part is connecting the examples with each discovery.

Top notch part for me, sharing the gaps which are helpful for any manager to grow/head future, also knowing the roadblocks (aka what makes me fall points) which helps in planning the future strategies.


All in all, happy with the service/ assessment.

Sunny Varyani

Sr. Manager, S&P Global