How Choosing the Wrong Sales Manager can negatively Impact your Business

Do the best salespeople make the best sales manager?

The answer is no. Yet paradoxically, and too often, employers look for candidates among the sales rank and select the best salesperson for the manager job.

They assume that because an individual was successful in sales, that individual will be successful in management too. Of course, many great salespeople can and do become great managers. But that is not always the case.

A single bad sales manager can hurt your retention of not just the manager, but everyone that reports to them. Further, this can not only cost your company of the wasted training and investment but also of acquiring a replacement.

Some estimate that losing an employee and hiring someone else to fill the position can cost your company 200% of the employee’s annual pay.

If the sales department is affected by bad management, gross profit is directly affected. This can impact a business’s ability to continue operations.

You not only have gained a bad sales manager, but you have also lost one of your best salespeople. It’s a double whammy, and it can be one of the biggest problems your organization faces.

Why this Report?

Getting to succeed in sales is different from what it takes to succeed in management. So, unless you select salespeople who have the characteristics it takes to do the next job well, your sales management team will be average at its best.

This is where IIHA’s report will help you to know personality traits that you may not know or considered before which will help organizations make better and informed decisions.

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