Brain Writing Program

Handwriting, often referred to as brain writing, is a unique form of self-expression that evolves as individuals grow and develop. Although everyone is initially taught to write letters in a standardized manner, children naturally adapt and modify these forms over time. The distinct style, direction, spacing, and size of one’s writing serves as an illustration of individuality on the page.

Although some handwriting styles may share similarities, no two are exactly alike, just as people’s unique differences exist despite having similar biological features. It is fascinating to note that when children consciously alter their handwriting or mimic someone else’s, their personalities may begin to shift as well. For example, a child who emulates the handwriting of an aggressive person may develop similar traits.

It is alarming to think that even small changes in handwriting can unleash a domino effect, altering the way one thinks, feels, and acts. If one is not careful, their handwriting can unconsciously shape their personality, potentially holding them back from reaching their full potential. Therefore, it is crucial for children to focus on mastering the correct formation of letters rather than merely imitating styles that will inevitably change with age.

At the IIHA’s Brain Writing Program, we offer a personalized approach to self-improvement that is unmatched. Our team of experts meticulously analyze your child’s handwriting, empowering them to take control of their life and shape their future. The results are extraordinary – a renewed sense of self, limitless confidence, and the ability to conquer fears and live their best life with unparalleled determination.

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