Supreme Court States:

Parents’ High Expectations, Not Coaching Institutes, Driving Children to End Their Lives

Who Sparks Parental Expectations?
Uncovering the Role of Academic Grades

Think about it: when teachers pick out the bright students, they usually choose those with top grades. This creates a simple equation in parents’ minds: high grades equal a strong academic foundation. This equation becomes an unquestioned formula, propelling parents on a relentless quest for their children’s academic perfection.

With this mindset, the pursuit of A’s intensifies. Parents invest in private coaching and tuitions, often without a second thought, all to ensure good results. When these efforts result in A or A+ grades, it reinforces the parents’ expectations. They begin to dream of prestigious academic and professional futures for their children. Concurrently, students start to internalize this belief, convincing themselves that only top scores can lead to successful careers in fields like medicine, engineering, and beyond.

But here lies the hidden danger below the surface of the high grades.

Judging a child’s potential solely on grades can lead to a dangerous cycle of chronic stress, depression, and unrealistic expectation.

There’s something important that many parents might not realize: Have they really looked into how ready their child is for big exams, beyond just their grades? Getting ready for tough exams involves much more than just scoring well in school

Have You Parents Considered:

Whether their child can sustain focus over long periods?


Do they Exhibit genuine inner confidence, beyond just surface-level bravado?


Is their willpower deeply rooted, or does it waver under pressure?"


How does your child approach problem-solving: with consistent creativity or by rote methods?"


Is their learning pace adaptable and self-driven, or rigidly fixed?


Can they maintain composure under intense pressure?


Are they emotionally and socially adept, navigating complex environments with ease?


Does your child show true perseverance, or do they easily give up when faced with challenges?


Are they capable of thinking strategically, essential for solving intricate exam problems?


Do they possess the ability to adapt to new and challenging concepts quickly?


Is there an innate curiosity driving their learning, beyond just achieving high grades?


Do they manage their time effectively, a crucial skill for extensive syllabi and tight exam schedules?


Do they show an ability to stay motivated over long-term goals, not just short-term achievements?


These questions aren’t just for asking;
They’re a wake-up call about what might be missing in your child’s all-around preparation.

No coaching centre, school, career advisor, or report card can truly address these fundamental concerns, which are vital for any student preparing for competitive exams…
They are key to understanding what a child truly needs to tackle the rigors of competitive exams.

Herein lies the Unique Power of the…

IIHA’s Foundation Test

This isn’t just an academic evaluation; it’s an exploration into every facet of a student’s capabilities – from academic prowess to personality strengths, from underlying challenges to emotional resilience. This test transcends traditional assessments; it’s a catalyst for a profound shift in perspective. It’s a reality check and a roadmap to a balanced, healthier approach to success.

We’re not just shifting the narrative from grade-centric achievement to all-around excellence; we’re pioneering a new understanding of what it truly means to unleash a student’s full potential.

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